Spraying disinfectant is most important aspect to reduce spread of Novel Coronavirus Covid-19 – SPRAYER

December 4, 2019
March 12, 2022

Spraying disinfectant is most important aspect to reduce spread of Novel Coronavirus Covid-19 – SPRAYER

We all know what is Novel Coronavirus by now and how it spreads which is mostly due to mucus spitting / respiratory droplets like saliva. But there is also one more important part of not allowing the spread of Covid-19 Coronavirus i.e. disinfecting homes, offices and public places with SPRAYING OF DISINFECTANT LIQUID BY A PORTABLE BATTERY SPRAYER.

Disinfectant Liquid is ALSO available with us.

These are special disinfectant sprayer which have four different type of adjustable nozzles.

There is evidence that spread or transmission of Novel Coronavirus can also happen by touching of the infected surfaces such as door knobs, locks, handles, bathroom faucets, remote controls, office tables and even your Mobile screens. The new study has suggested that the virus can remain on plastic or steel surfaces for many days.

The American US Center of Disease Control and Prevention also know as CDC , India and other countries health authorities have suggested that after cleaning the visible dirty surfaces , one should disinfect those places by spraying the disinfectant liquid on the tables / chairs / floors etc.

Any small office or MNC or Startups can use our Battery Sprayers and spray any disinfectant liquid or sodium hypochlorite or bleach or lizol or mix dettol (any floor disinfectant liquid which has at least 50-70% Alcohol) diluted with water to disinfect the surfaces.

This type of sanitisation sprayer is highly effective at quashing germs that can cause viral respiratory illness.

Our battery sprayer comes with special nozzles which provide such a mist that they make the water particles to adhere better to all surfaces.

If you would like to purchase one of our sprayers for your office, please give us a call at 7011175692 or 9811113223 .

Disinfectant Liquid is not available with us, you can order / enquire by doing WhatsApp here.

Disinfectant Spraying done by NOIDA AUTHORITY – U.P. State Government

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