HY-MS1 Disinfectant Manual Sprayer
June 22, 2020
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HYMATIC HY-MF1 Handy Fogging Machine for Mosquito/Pest Control Thermal Mini Fogger (Hand-Held, 2L Solution Tank)

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  • It can be used for the pest control of crops, and epidemic prevention of livestock farms and various storage warehouses etc, and also applied to the disinfection and epidemic prevention for improving the urban environment. 
  • Fogging Capacity : 13 Litres/hour
  • Mist diameter :  5-30 Micrometer
  • Total weight: 1.8Kg, Tank capacity : 2 Litre
  • 1 can run continuously for 4-5 hours.
  • No Warranty After Coil Burn In This Type Of Product. No One In Our Industry Will Give Warranty For Same.

No COD Possible. Free Delivery within 24-48 Hours in Delhi/NCR. Rest of India via Bluedart / Delhivery for ASAP Deliveries.

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HYMATIC Mini Fogger is a thermal fogging machine. Two separate S.S. water tank and chemical/Diesel tanks are provided. Water tank is provided with hand pump for supplying pressurized air which sends chemical or water through valve, to the coil via two way cut-off valves. Water tank & chemical/Diesel tank are joined together and develop even pressure in each tank.  Burner flame is controlled by flow control knob above Butane Gas Cylinder.

HYMATIC Handy Fogging Machine is a noiseless operation fogging machine to control menace of mosquitoes and other flying insects. It can be used by anyone due to its simple operation – just plug-in the can and you are all set to go. A perfect solution for pest control of crops and epidemic prevention of livestock farms and various storage warehouses etc.

  • Fast, economical and total coverage.
  • Produces up to 7 times finer mist.
  • Treats a large area in minutes.
  • Combustion Power/Consumption = Butane Gas / 225gm/hour
  • Note: After completing Fogging operation, spray water from the water tank to remove carbon dust stuck in nozzle for increased machine life
  • 2 Litre Chemical tank
  • These Thermal foggers are best for disinfection, pest control, mosquitos etc. Eliminates mosquitoes which  causes dengue, chikungunya etc.
  • You can buy any chemicals such as Bayer Kingfog, Deltamethrin etc. depending on your usage.
  • This type of thermal fogger, do not carry any warranty after usage. So you are requested to check out some YouTube Videos before operating the machine yourself
  • It is good for farmhouses, golf courses etc.
  • Important Steps : After finishing the smoke work, turn the knob smoke control to cooling control at the cooling position & close the gas control lever immediately. When the heat remains on the coil you should operate the cooling water pump to clean the coil that prevent the coil from being clogged and its long-term use.

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