Disinfectant Tunnel / Disinfectant Chamber for Coronavirus

Lockdown is very important part to reduce the outbreak of Covid-19 Coronavirus, but daily activities such as grocery, hospitals, government offices, subzi mandis, banks, shelter homes, hotspots, RWA etc i.e. essential work should keep on working. We reduce the same by making disinfectant tunnel and ,prevent that area being infected by people coming through. This will work on entry/exit points.
These type of disinfectant chambers work by spraying 2-4 nozzles at a person who will rotate will going through it, just like like a X-Ray machine when you go through airport. One can always put herbal disinfectant liquid to efficiently spray at the person. The nozzles will spray from top to bottom.
Easy to setup
No touch, motion sensor based technology
Can work through battery so no direct current required.

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Disinfectant Sprayer

For Sanitisation.

These Disinfectant Sprayers ( SANITIZER SPRAY MACHINE ) are especially customised for eradicating the menace of Covid-19 Novel Coronavirus. You can mix any natural chemical and spray at surfaces of your offices, home etc to decontaminate and sanitize your adobe. These sprayers come with 4 types of different nozzles and have durable battery which is easily re-chargeable just like how you charge your mobile. Read more about why disinfectant spraying is necessary here.

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Comes with 4 Nozzles and Extendable Spray Lance

Comes with an option of choosing 8AH or 12AH Battery, depending on customer choice.


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