Benefits of using Battery Sprayers

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March 25, 2016
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June 26, 2019

Benefits of using Battery Sprayers

We are usually asked by farmers what are the benefits of 12v 8ah Battery Sprayers over manual knapsack sprayers .

Here are the top 5 benefits :-

  1. Lower Cost : RSR AGRO Battery Sprayers are very simple to use and have fewer parts such as motor etc which are extensively very easy to use. Usually the pump and motor is a single dynamic unit which creates pressure when trigger is press. This also saves labour cost.
  2. Time Saving : 2in1 Dual Battery Sprayers are time saving, as they are able to create pressure and discharge around 2-4 Litres per minute depending on motor and nozzle configuration without using the conventional method of manual Knapsack Sprayer.
  3. Cost Saving : Although the initial cost of the Battery Sprayer is higher than manual Knapsack Sprayer but they tend to save money and time in longer term. Kisan / Farmer is able to save time by spraying fast.
  4. Pressure Controller : Battery Sprayers include regulator / speed controller which allows farmer to regulate the discharging liquid from the nozzle. If a medicine need to be sprayed less, then they can reduce or increase the pressure as required.
  5. Not Heavy : Before motorised sprayers like Mist Blower or Power Sprayers used to be heavy around 10-12 kgs now with these sprayers its quite light and space-saving.

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